Short Guide To Amazing Employer Branding: How To Combine HR & Marketing

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Mar 18, 2020

Which team is responsible for defining and maintaining company culture and employer brand: HR or marketing?

Trick question — the answer is both. The best way to build clear, cohesive branding is for your HR and marketing teams to work together. 


In an ideal scenario, marketing works on the branding of the company overall, HR works on employer branding and company culture, and both teams consult one another to maximize alignment.

Let’s go over a few ways that HR and marketing teams can (and should!) collaborate to build a better organization.

Employer branding and company culture: a team effort

Perhaps the most crucial area for HR-marketing alignment is employer branding and company culture. To achieve this alignment, HR and marketing need to come together to evaluate the current status and target areas for improvement.

Collaborate on employee engagement surveys to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s current culture. Based on the results, you can figure out what to change, build on, and add to build your ideal company culture.

Additionally, here are some HR and marketing collaboration opportunities that can help develop a company-wide marketing mindset:

  • Incorporate basic marketing training into onboarding processes 
  • Host lunch and learn events to talk about important company updates
  • Craft social media posts that promote the company culture you’re striving for

Do the employee engagement survey results reveal specific aspects of your company culture that employees love? That will be important for the next step: attracting talent.

Leveraging an HR and marketing combination strategy to attract talent

Once employer branding and company culture has been established, HR will have a clear idea of how to position for hiring, and marketing can help with the recruiting process.

The days of listing openings on a job board, crossing your fingers, and hoping you’ll reach the right candidates are over. Digital marketing and social media have transformed the hiring world, providing another opportunity for an HR and marketing combination strategy.

Just as your marketing team builds buyer personas for clients, they can also work together with HR/talent acquisition experts to build candidate personas. This way, you can target the job candidates that are most likely to be a good culture fit and excel in their roles.

Once you’ve established candidate personas, both teams should collaborate to create a multimedia and multichannel strategy to reach candidates. 

Creating great job postings is marketing

Job posts should be far more than a list of requirements — they should embody and communicate the brand message of your organization to attract the right people. An effective job posting also emphasizes any aspects of your company culture that are particularly important to current employees (per the results of your employee engagement surveys).

To keep the employer branding, HR, and marketing alignment going strong throughout the onboarding process, consider creating welcome gifts for new employees that reflect what’s being portrayed in the marketing. This will really solidify your branding and messaging, and assure new hires that they’ve made a good choice by joining your organization.

Employer branding shouldn’t only fall on one department’s shoulders. Rather, it should be a collaboration between the marketing department and HR to collectively establish priorities, define and curate company culture, and strategically seek talent. 

With HR and marketing working together, you can boost your employer branding and company culture to a new level — and attract great new employees who will strengthen your organization.

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