How A Healthcare Technology Company Keeps Employee Engagement In Shape

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Jan 28, 2015

TINYpulse Award Winner Afoundria Talks Employee EngagementCongratulations to Afoundria, the winner of the 2015 TINYpulse Happiest Company Award and Raising the Bar Award for the Healthcare Pharmaceuticals & Biotech industry!

Not only does Afoundria have the most improved employee happiness scores, but they also lead their industry. We knew they could share great insights about how to boost employee engagement. See what Cofounder and CEO Jon McBride had to say.

1. Tell us about some of the great things you do in your workplace that keep employees engaged and energized.

At Afoundria, we work hard and play hard. About once a quarter, we organize a fun outing over lunch like bowling, laser tag, driving range, and movies. We also convert our conference room table periodically to a ping-pong table for a quick game.

Monthly, our CEO hosts an informal “all hands” meeting that allows our employees an opportunity for Q&A. He also makes an effort to visit both our Austin and Dallas locations on a monthly basis.  

Also, don't forget TINYpulse, which is great for anonymous feedback/interaction and cheers.

2. How do you think peer-to-peer recognition has improved your employee engagement?

I do think peer-to-peer recognition improves our employee engagement. Most people enjoy hearing that they’ve done a good job, but TINYpulse takes it to a different level through the ability to send “attaboys” that are visible to leadership. The praise encourages more of the same activity and has even inspired a little competition to recognize and get recognition for an outstanding job.

3. Tell us a little bit about what your company does and why employee engagement is so important to you.

Afoundria is a healthcare technology company focused on providing world-class charting solutions for both emergency room and post-acute care settings. Employee engagement is important as they are the face/voice of the company. When employees are happy and engaged, they communicate with our clients in the same manner. Stellar customer service is a priority to Afoundria. As Afoundria is still in its infancy, it is important for us to have a fun and engaging workplace to ensure we can attract and retain top talent.

4. What tactics do you leverage as a manager to keep your team energized and motivated?

In addition to all the previous items mentioned, we also have biweekly team meetings to ensure we maintain open communication. One-on-one meetings occur every quarter to assess employee health, review previous quarter goals, and set some new ones. These meetings are critical for setting expectations and providing feedback on progress towards goals.

5. How do you maintain engagement for employees during times of change and/or difficulty?

We believe honest communication is critical while accentuating the positive. Every cloud has a silver lining and people learn best from adversity.

Thank you to Jon and Afoundria for sharing their story! Keep an eye out for more interviews with TINYpulse award winners.



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