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Work Fails That Make Your Terrible Day Seem Less Terrible

Written by Robby Berman | Apr 20, 2016 3:00:00 PM

OK, first off, “fmylife” is short for “f#%& my life.” If you haven’t visited fmylife.com, you should, especially if you think you’ve got something to complain about. It’s packed with hilarious, forehead-slapping life fails that people post. We all get to be losers at some point, after all. Here are our favorite posts about work.


Oh, the Irony


I Blame Mom and Dad


Telstra Is a Phone Company




Credit Where It’s Due. Well, Maybe Not.


Context Is Everything


Nom, Nom


Cutting Costs Upward


He’s Watching You, Fish


Welcome to the Gig Economy


Love Stinks


Seems Like a Valid Excuse to Us

There are lots of work laughs to be had at FML. Many of which are, well, NSFW.