How to Get the Most Out of Your Workplace Wellness Program

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May 24, 2016

How_to_Get_the_Most_Out_of_Your_Workplace_Wellness_Program_1.jpgWorkplace wellness programs caught on big time with over 80% of large American companies offering one to their employees as a perk of their organizational culture. Typically, they offer rewards for getting fit, including cash, breaks on insurance premiums, or merchandise. Being such a new thing, workers are just starting to learn how to take advantage of the programs available to them. The Idaho Statesman says that only one in four employees is really mastering their options and has put together some tips that can help you do just that. It boils down to five things.


1. Choose incentives that are personally motivating to you

If you have a choice of incentives, pick one that really makes you excited about achieving your wellness goals. Or find a coworker and buddy up to make the process more fun.


2. Seek programs that address the needs of the entire you: mind, body, and soul

If your company offers softer, non-exercise options like stress relief or special events with others, remember that wellness applies to your mind and heart as much as your body. Look for chances to implement a holistic approach to your wellness.


3. Adjust the work environment to make wellness the path of least resistance

If you’re all trying to get healthy and the cafeteria’s foods seem to have something else in mind, inquire about replacing junk with healthier foods, and if possible, see if they can make salads, vegetables, and fruits cheaper to buy than things you shouldn’t be eating.


4. Sample different programs in search of ones you like

If one exercise program isn’t floating your boat try another. And another. You could try talking to an instructor to see if a program can be tweaked to make it work better for you — employees are all starting from different places on the wellness spectrum, so it’s not unreasonable to request some customization. If all else fails, you can organize your own program of, say, walking, or start a group that meets before work to exercise.


5. Don’t be shy about sharing your findings with others

Part of what can keep you involved and motivated about wellness are little aha moments that occur now and then as you understand something new about health, find a fresh angle on a particular exercise, discover a new healthy food, and so on. Don’t be shy — share your experiences with others, and take advantage of wellness-centered social events that can offer even more insights, all of which can keep you excited about fitness.

Remember, it’s in everyone’s interest that you’re healthy, so take advantage of what your employer offers. Work will be better. Life will be better.




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