Gen Y’s Workplace Expectations: How To Motivate Them

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Jan 9, 2015

motiving Gen Y at workMotivating Gen Y is a whole new game. Managers can easily tell Gen X, “You should be grateful you’re working here.” But don’t even try that with millennials. This is a generation that asks managers, “Why should I be working for you?” So how can we get this young workforce inspired in a workplace? Here are five ways you can spark their motivation:

  1. Get them involved: Gen Y craves and thrives on collaboration. Invite them into brainstorming sessions or meetings and let them voice their opinions. It’ll show that their opinions matter in the workplace.

  1. Establish clear goals: Having grown up with helicopter parents, this generation is used to having someone put them on a certain path. Give millennials goals to work towards, and make sure to check in to see how they’re doing along the way.

  1. Be interested in their career: You want them to stay, right? Prevent millennials from jumping ship by letting them know about promotions and where they can move up in the company. If they see room for growth, they’ll stick around.

  1. Show them their work matters: This generation wants to know their work has a purpose. They’re more willing to put in effort when they can see the importance and impact their work has on the end result.

  1. Give them frequent feedback: Don’t leave this crowd in the dark. Millennials want to know how they’re doing and what they can improve. This is how they know they’re developing professionally, and it keeps them accountable for their growth.

Gen Y has a reputation for being needy, but in fact, they just have higher expectations from work. They want to grow professionally, and they just need a little guidance. Want to make sure millennials are giving it their all in your company? Be more involved in their work!



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