11 Fun Ways to Thank Your Team

Thanksgiving at work

Thanksgiving is right around the corner — so close you can almost taste the gravy and feel the steam coming off of the cornbread. While the holiday brings us together with friends and family, it also serves as the perfect time to let your employees know how glad you are to have them on the team.

Struggling to figure out how exactly you can say thank-you to your employees? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Here are 11 ideas for a work-related Thanksgiving activity that will show your employees how thankful you are:


01. A Thanksgiving potluck

Prepare for your Thanksgiving dinner by having one in the office ahead of time. Have team members bring a dish each. Better yet, hire a caterer to cook a feast for the ages. Breaking bread is a great way to bring the team together.


02. Team-building activities

A holiday is right around the corner. Play games and have fun. If you don’t know what makes the most sense for your team, check out our comprehensive list of team-building activities for inspiration.


03. A “gratitude wall”

Put up a bulletin board, cut up pieces of paper, grab some thumbtacks and gather your finest pens and markers. Have your employees post notes of what they’re thankful for at work.


04. Tell your company’s story

Remember when you were a kid and the students all dressed up to tell the Thanksgiving story? Have some fun and dress up and tell your company’s story similarly.


05. Hold a pumpkin pie contest

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Which of your employees can cook up the tastiest pumpkin pie? There’s only one way to find out.


06. Volunteer at a local organization

Thanksgiving is a great time to give back to those who need it most. Ask your employees which organizations they’d like to volunteer at. Schedule an outing sometime around the Thanksgiving holiday. Buy your team a meal afterward.


07. Sponsor a local event

Does your community have a Thanksgiving parade? How about a high school football game? Sponsor an event around Thanksgiving. Not only will it help people have a good time, you’ll also increase brand awareness.


08. Write personal thank-you notes

Sometimes it’s hip to be old-fashioned. Take a few minutes to write each of your employees a thoughtful thank-you note. Tell them why they’re integral to the team.


09. Share favorite recipes

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Instead of having a potluck, ask your team to bring in their favorite Thanksgiving-related recipes that they’re willing to share. Suffice it to say at least one of your employees will learn how to cook a new dish.


10. Donate canned goods for those in need

Your own Thanksgiving feast might be epic. Still, there are a number of people who simply don’t have the resources needed to prepare a proper holiday meal. Set up a donation box in the office and tell your team to bring non-perishable canned goods. Donate it to a charity at the end of the week.


11. Give them Friday off

Many companies give their employees the day after Thanksgiving off. But not all of them do. If yours is a company happens to fall into that category, consider making the Friday after Thanksgiving a company holiday. Let your workers spend more time with their families. They’ll appreciate it.



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Justin Reynolds

Justin Reynolds

November 11, 2016



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