15 Exciting 5-Minute Icebreaker Games for Work

icebreaker games at work

Are you planning a company-wide meeting where a bunch of employees who usually don’t work together will be in the same room? If so, you’ll probably want to be aware of at least a few icebreaker games so your employees can get to know each other quickly.

Below are 15 icebreaker games that shouldn’t take more than 5 or 10 minutes to play. (P.S. If you're really serious about improving communication within your team, check out our Ultimate List of Team Building Activities.)

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01. What’s My Name?

Break your team into groups of eight or so people. Go around the group asking everyone to put an adjective before their name. You might hear your peers call themselves Mysterious Mike, Brilliant Brenda, and Jovial Jennifer. Write them down and try to commit them to memory.

 Icebreaker Games

02. The Worst Job

Once employees are split into small groups, take turns going around a circle and telling one another what your worst job was. Maybe yours wasn’t so bad, after all.


03. The Birth Map

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Print out a map of the world. Give everyone a thumbtack and have them stick it in the map to show where they were born.


04. Famous People and Cities

Write a bunch of famous people and names of cities on the back of index cards. When someone enters the room, tape a card to their back. The goal is to ask questions to figure out what’s on your back.


05. Paired Strangers

Tell every employee to pair up with someone in the room they’ve never met before. Once pairs are formed, managers can instruct them to discuss a topic.


06. Say Your Name Backward

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Have each member of the group introduce themselves by saying their name backward. Everyone else has to try to figure out what their name is.


07. Would You Rather?

Put a piece of tape on the floor to separate the room in half. Rattle off a bunch of questions — e.g., would you rather travel to Italy or Australia? — and have employees hop on either side of the line depending on their answer. It’s an easy way to figure out who has something in common with someone else.


08. Who Is It?

Have each employee write down a secret about themselves and put it in a box. When everyone’s done, the manager reads what’s been written and the team tries to guess who did what.

Icebreaker Games


09. Movie Ball

Throw a ball around a circle. Whenever someone catches it, they have to say the name of a movie within five seconds. You can’t repeat any movies or you’re out of the circle.


10. People Bingo

Make a bingo square with categories like “Someone with brown eyes,” “Someone who’s been to Japan,” and “Someone who has at least three siblings.” First person who makes bingo wins.


11. Lucky Penny

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Give each team member a penny (or any other coin) when they walk into the room. Take turns going around a circle and trying to remember something that happened the year their coin was minted.


12. 20 Questions

Let one member of your team think of an item. The rest of your employees get 20 questions to try to guess what that item is.


13. The Magic Wand

If you had a magic wand, what would you change in the world? Tell your team and then have them tell you.

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14. Marooned on an Island

Take turns saying one album and one book you’d love to have with you in the event you were stranded on a desert island.


15. Don’t Smile

Break your team into groups. Have everyone stare at each other without smiling. The last person to smile wins.

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Justin Reynolds

Justin Reynolds

December 28, 2016



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