Finding The Perfect Fit For Organizational Culture

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Jan 3, 2015

finding the perfect fit for organizational cultureFinding the right fit for your organizational culture is like finding that elusive perfect pair of jeans. You try on 20 different pairs, but they’re either too loose, not the right cut, or some other odd reason—you just know they're not. But when you do find that golden pair, you do whatever it takes to get it and hold onto it for as long as possible.

It’s the same process when it comes to hiring that perfect fit. You end up reaping the benefits of productivity, efficiency, and camaraderie. Here are five strategies you can use to find that ideal employee:

  1. Values-based interview questions: If one of your core values is “embrace change” consider asking: “What do you do when your priorities change quickly?” These types of questions provide interviewers a consistent way to measure their candidates to see if they’re aligned with the culture.

  1. Unconventional interviews: Face it, the majority of candidates aren’t going to truly be themselves during an interview. Step out of the enclosed room and take them out to lunch or invite them to a team outing. Doing this allows you to see if candidates are able to socialize naturally with their potential teammates. You’ll also be able to have real conversations as well.

  1. Personal hobbies: What does this candidate like to do outside of work? If they’re the captain of a dodgeball team, it reveals their leadership and cooperative capabilities. These types of questions uncover a candidate’s personality, which plays a big part in determining their fit in the company.

  1. Decision-making skills: Find out how a candidate would act in a certain situation or what actions they took in a past situation. Yes, an interviewer can analyze the situation. But they can also assess if the actions taken by this candidate are aligned with the company’s values.

  1. Use their references: Coworkers and managers have personally worked with the candidate. They’ve seen them in various situations, are familiar with their work ethics, and how they interact with others. A phone call with a reference can help a hiring manager make the final decision on fit.

Hiring for cultural fit might take longer than hiring someone based only on skills. If you’re struggling to find ways to determine a candidate’s fit, try out those strategies. You’ll not only help the company succeed, but you’ll also help out the person succeed in their new position.



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