8 Companies With Enviable Office Spaces — And Why It Matters

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Apr 25, 2016

The way your offices are laid out plays a huge role in your team’s productivity and organizational culture — or lack thereof.

You can’t reasonably expect your employees to reach their full potential if theyre stuffed into a cubicle and can’t even see a window from where they sit. Such a workspace is usually boring, confining, and downright dreadful, making it harder to be creative.

So is it time to give your offices a facelift? Take a look at nine companies with offices most people would probably be excited to work at.


1. Square

Square office designSOURCE: californiahomedesign.com

Comfortable, modern, and downright cool. This picture of Square’s offices in San Francisco shows an open space that has a good deal of natural light (say goodbye to headache-inducing florescent lights!).

Also, the booths in the foreground of the photo are shaped as, you guessed it, squares — something which can help reinforce the mobile payment company’s brand and encourage collaboration between team members.

Square office spaceSOURCE: californiahomedesign.com

And to top that, they also feature a book nook as the first thing people pass by when they enter the building. Professional development plays a huge role in employee retention, so in order to foster a culture of learning, Square houses their own library full of books, from modern fiction to informative nonfiction.


2. Nokia

Nokia office space

SOURCE: customspaces.com

Theres a reason why Nokia has been a major player in the communications game. Their office space is one that fosters creativity — with vibrant walls and breakout spaces. Collaboration is the key to innovation (think: two heads are better than one), and scattering workstations around the office allow employees to quickly gather together to ideate on the fly.


3. Yammer

Yammer Office SpaceSOURCE: customspaces.com

Yammers office is just slick. And what start-up doesn't have a Ping-Pong table in their office? However, Yammer has a play space that allows employees to reenergize from work. Many may think that letting people play pool or air hockey during work hours is unproductive, but its actually the opposite. Forcing your employees to keep their heads down and work for hours on end puts more stress on them.


4. Github


SOURCE: customspaces.com

Located in San Francisco, Github’s offices are something to behold. Pictured above is the company’s reception area — which, you’re right, is a replica of the Oval Office. Is there a better way to make your guests feel incredibly important?

A company has to worry about the impressions they make on visitors, especially considering how terrible impressions can make their way onto social media very easily.


5. Airbnb


SOURCE: customspaces.com

Dont even get us started on how amazing Airbnbs office space is. Their mission is to offer travelers a home away from home, so its no surprise that thats what they also offer their own employees.

If you want your employees to be working the best they can, you need to ensure their comfort, rather than stifle them.


6. Blackbird


SOURCE: quora.com

Blackbird is a Silicon Valley start-up — but one you might not have heard of just yet. Why does the company deserve to be on this list? The answer is quite simple: The folks over at Blackbird converted a 68-passenger bus into a mobile workspace and living space. Now this is taking “second home” to a new level.


7. WeWork

WeWork office spaceSOURCE: quora.com

WeWork is a company that builds collaborative work spaces for businesses. Naturally, the company’s own offices are quite amazing. Just check out the conference area in WeWork’s Boston office. Seriously. You get to swing on chairs during meetings. If that doesnt get you jazzed up about meetings, I dont know what will!


8. Path


SOURCE: customspaces.com

Path, a social sharing service, has offices in San Francisco. They’re situated on the 22nd floor, overlooking the Bay Bridge. Check out this meeting room with views to die for. Talk about a source of creative inspiration.

Know of any companies with super cool offices spaces? Let us know so we can check them out!




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