Why Being Too Cooperative Can Enable a Boss's Bad Habits

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Oct 5, 2016

Saying no at work

Here’s the situation. Your boss has a serious issue with time management, and theyre making it your problem. That your boss misses planes is not your problem, but it certainly is your problem that you’re constantly being hit with project deadlines for which there’s just not enough time. These assignments are making you stay late, work weekends, and sometimes have to call customers or others to apologize for not having things done on time. You’re also working under such pressure that it’s super hard to do your best work. Yep, you’ve become an enabler for your boss.

Here’s the conversation you simply have to have with your boss, as suggested by Lynne Curry, writing for SheKnows. Figure out ahead of time, if you can, how you can help your boss get you these projects in a more timely manner. Maybe meeting on a daily basis would allow you both to stay ahead of deadlines. Maybe maintaining a deadline calendar would help you keep your eye on the prize.

love my job

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Start the conversation by making sure your boss knows you love your job and appreciate their massive workload. Explain that these emergency projects are happening so often that they’re interfering with — and threatening the stability of — your home life. Recount some instances of people being upset by the missed deadlines. Relate how working in such a mad rush means that, while you’ve been successfully completing projects so far, you’re concerned about being able to ensure the quality of your work.

Suggest the ways you think you could enhance the workflow together. Make it clear you want things to function more smoothly so that the company benefits, and that your suggestions can make their job easier and less stressful.

Your life is more important than your work, so do try and resolve this soul-draining issue. If your boss won’t — or can’t – reform, it may be time to move on.



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