Why Employees Want These Top Workplace Perks [Infographic]

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Dec 4, 2016
Workplace perks
Any manager knows that top workers are looking for more than just money. Workplace incentives programs are a huge part of attracting new talent and keeping current employees happy and healthy. 
The key is to offer incentives employees really want. If you just hand over perks you think they'll like, you're missing the point. A great incentives program starts when you understand why employees want those benefits.
If you hire a lot of working parents, you could offer reimbursement to help offset the average $11,666 cost of day care. But a company of mostly singles would probably prefer gifts and entertainment. Employees who work in stressful positions might appreciate mental health care, while those who are stuck at their desks all day could benefit from free gym memberships.  
By getting a clear picture of your work environment and employees' goals, you're better able to offer meaningful perks to keep employees happy. Here are some more great incentives you can try
workplace perks

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