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Employees in the Tech Industry Critique Their Companies

Written by Dora Wang | Sep 17, 2016 12:00:00 PM

First, the good: when it comes to how well managers and companies as a whole are communicating with their employees, the tech industry is doing well.

Companies are doing a much better job at keeping their workforce informed on organizational performance. After a 20% difference last year, the tech industry is now on par with the overall benchmark.


While there was a slight decline from last year in terms of management transparency, tech employees still rate their leadership higher than employees in other industries do.


These factors aren’t just nice-to-haves; they’re need-to-haves. Our research has uncovered that transparency from management correlates extremely highly with employee happiness. Workers who feel left in the dark about their organization’s actions or performance suffer a worse workplace experience. In the tech sector, where information is currency, this is paramount.

Unfortunately, employees’ overall opinion of their companies has taken a hit.


A high-growth industry should be seeing an improvement in this area — not a decline. The responses to this question provide one clue about this dip in ratings: 


Despite tech employees having clarity from their company leadership, they aren’t necessarily confident in that leadership’s cohesiveness. It’s no surprise then that their confidence in the company as a whole has dropped.

Employees in this industry also express a lack of confidence in the company’s relationships with external stakeholders.


Overall, it looks like clarity is a relatively strong point in the industry this year. What employees want to see is stronger relationships within their leadership teams and also between the company and outward partners.