Employee Recognition Ideas For The Holiday Hangover

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Dec 29, 2014

Employee Recognition Ideas After The HolidaysThere’s never a bad time to recognize your employees’ great work. But right after the holidays, remember that people might be a little overloaded on gifts and festive feasts. It doesn’t mean you should put recognition on hold. But it’s also not the best time to shower them with rich treats like cookies or presents that will just get buried in the piles on their desks.

Embrace the “clean slate” spirit of the New Year! Here are a few employee recognition ideas that celebrate your standouts without adding to their stress-outs.

Support For Self-Improvement

Do your employees have a New Year’s resolution to learn a new skill? You could help them find a way to take a class. Then arrange their schedule so they have time for an evening course. Does your company have a policy for providing financial assistance to employees who take professional coursework related to their job duties? (If not, maybe your New Year’s resolution could be creating one.)

Do they want to become leaner and meaner? A gift of a gym membership can give them the boost they need.

Clearing The Clutter

Help your employees get a fresh start for the New Year by setting aside a day for office cleaning. It can be hard to carve out time for organization, especially during the hectic holidays. Give them an officially sanctioned day when they’re relieved of as many duties as possible.

If you have an employee who put in extra hours over the holidays—especially if they were covering for team members on vacation—say thank you with an extra day off. It could be just what they need to get rid of the mental clutter of feeling tired or stressed.

Speaking of stress, a gift certificate for a massage could do wonders for an employee’s physical and mental state.

A Few Choice Treats

Your employees are probably fill up on sweet candies and heavy food, so consider providing the office with a catered lunch of fresh and healthy dishes. It’s a great alternative to yet another holiday party filled with cake and soda.

For a great individual reward, give a restaurant gift card. An employee who’s burnt out from cooking big family dinners would love the chance to go out to dinner and relax.

In the spirit of New Year’s, consider popping a few bottles of champagne. This is more on the indulgent side, but your team would probably enjoy a glass or two of bubbly while you raise a toast to their accomplishments.

However you do it, make sure to take some time to celebrate your team and thank them for all their efforts, in this year and the next.



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