Employee Recognition Ideas For Every Personality

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Feb 23, 2015

Wow Your Employees With Recognition Ideas That Match Their PersonalityWhen it comes to recognition, the best way to make it meaningful for your employees is to tailor it to them and their accomplishments. A generic pat on the back can make someone feel like just another faceless worker. So when you’re deciding how to recognize someone, take their individual personality into consideration—it’s a great way to show them that you really notice and appreciate them.

So before you break out that mass-produced “good job” card, take a look at the employee recognition ideas below.


Employees who are outgoing respond well to public recognition. Make an announcement to the department, or even bring them on stage at the next company meeting. Getting applause from their coworkers for their hard work can be really gratifying.

If they really love the spotlight, you can invite them to give a short speech about their accomplishment. Let them share what they learned from it and inspire other employees.


If your employee is a little on the shy side, on the other hand, then the thought of having the entire company’s eyes on them might make them break out in hives. So consider recognizing them on a more individual basis. Handwrite a thank-you note, or chat with them one-on-one about their achievement.

If you would still like to give them public recognition, let them do it in writing. Highlighting their accomplishments in the company newsletter gives your employee the audience with none of the stage fright.

Full Of Team Spirit

For the employee who’s all about building camaraderie and helping their peers, use rewards that tap into their team spirit. What kind of opportunities at work would get them revved up? Leading a project? Heading up a task force to plan team activities? If they love working with their teammates, recognize their passion and talents.

Always Saying Hello

Do you have an employee who always wants to collaborate with other departments, or likes to bring in other teams for brainstorming sessions? Recognize them for a job well done by giving them networking opportunities with company leadership. A one-on-one over coffee with a manager or director gives them the chance to make new connections and deepen their investment in your organization.

Loves To _____

And finally, don’t forget your employees’ lives outside of the office, too. What hobbies or interests do they like to chat about during breaks? The employee who waxes poetic about their cup of java would love a personalized travel mug. For the die-hard sports fan, decorate their desk in their favorite team’s colors. Recognition for great work doesn’t have to be strictly about the job.

Get creative with your employee recognition ideas! Make them special for the person you’re recognizing, and we guarantee they’ll be a hit.



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