Employee Onboarding 101: Give Them Champagne on Their First Day

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Dec 11, 2014

Employee Onboard: Give Them Champagne on Their First DayWe always pop a bottle of bubbly on our employees’ first day at the office. Does this seem kind of crazy? We don’t think so. Here’s why:

We’re excited to have them. If you’ve ever spent a lot of time trying to fill a role, you know how awesome it is to have that candidate you really want say “yes.” You’re already thinking about all the great projects they can take on and how much of an asset they’ll be to your business. Go ahead, show your excitement.

We want them to know we’re excited to have them. It’s human nature to want to feel wanted and appreciated. When you show a newbie that they’re already a valued member of them team it starts them off on the right note. From day one their encouraged to ramp up at warp speed to meet your high expectations.

We want to start out on a positive note. The learning curve on a new job can be steep. And it’s often the first 30 days that are the hardest of many jobs. A bottle of champagne says, “Welcome to the team. We know you’ll do a great job.” It helps spur them on to overcome those first few hurdles.

We don’t leave parties for the last day on the job. So often parties are held for employees once they’ve given their two weeks notice. Why? Why would you wait until an employee is out the door before showing your appreciation? We think this is just too late. If you’re excited to have them on board (and if you read the points above, you know we are), then don’t wait to show that appreciation.

We don’t stop with just champagne. Each day of the first week brings a new surprise. We want to spread the celebration over several days to show just how much we’re looking forward to having them on the team.

Do you have a unique approach to employee onboarding? We want to hear about it in the comments section below. 



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