How This Company Boosted Employee Happiness by 20%

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May 7, 2015

How This Company Boosted Employee Happiness by 20%Software and tech support company Arctic IT is familiar with workplace challenges. With a wholly distributed workforce that spans five time zones while collaborating to manage high customer expectations, they need to stay on their toes.

The company reacts quickly to workforce issues but also finds ways to be proactive as well. One of their strategies was to adopt an employee engagement survey. Since talent for their industry is in high demand, they wanted to stay on top of employee happiness so they could improve recruitment and retention.

Putting a Number on Happiness

Arctic IT’s leadership team uses TINYpulse’s standard question, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you at work?” to track employee sentiment. Keeping tabs on employee happiness means they can leverage longitudinal data to see how the workforce responds to internal initiatives. And when something isn’t working, they can find out why.

The result of this strategy? Arctic IT increased their employee happiness score by 20% over six months.

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Making Engagement Measure Up

Arctic IT’s impressive success was made possible by using their survey to continuously track employee satisfaction. After all, you can’t improve something if you don’t measure it.

What’s key about this strategy is that you can’t wait for the traditional annual survey to roll around. Arctic IT uses weekly surveys to measure employee happiness in real time — so they can implement solutions when it actually matters. After all, if an employee is unhappy about something in February, they’re not going to be satisfied waiting until October to tell you.

Weekly surveys are a win-win for you and your team. Your employees get to have their say on a real-time basis, and you get to deal with issues as they arise. No more waiting 12 months to get a flood of employee opinions that you try to fix all at once. You can have happy, engaged employees all year.

Arctic IT’s example shows just how significant the effect can be. Whether you’re looking to improve your workforce’s happiness by 10, 20, or 50%, make sure you have the right tool for the job. Weekly employee engagement surveys set you up for success.



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