[New Report] What's Keeping Finance Employees Down in the Dumps

by Laura Troyani on May 5, 2015 11:00:00 AM

Ah, to work in the finance and insurance sector. Salaries are high; benefits are good. So clearly employees must be happy. Right? Wrong.

In our first ever report examining the Finance and Insurance industry, we found a relatively unhappy bunch. In fact, this industry placed eighth out of twelve industries we examined for happiness.

Employee Engagement & Financial Services

What’s behind this industry malaise? Turns out there are several culprits:

  • Appreciation and recognition are low: A measly 21% of financial services employees report being fully recognized for doing great work. That means nearly 80% of employees in this field feel under-appreciated.
  • Supervisors aren’t up to snuff: More than half of all financial services employees are relatively indifferent or dissatisfied with their direct supervisors.
  • Colleagues aren’t passing muster either: Barely 50% of employees in this sector are highly satisfied with their colleagues and team members.

Now, it isn’t all doom and gloom. Our research uncovered that transparency is at an all-time high within this industry.

Check out the complete report to learn more about what’s really keeping employee engagement down in this sector. And of course, what any leader (whether they’re in this industry or not) can do to turn these issues around.



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This post was written by Laura Troyani

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