16 Easy Dishes to Bring to Your Summer Work Picnic

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Jun 24, 2016

16 Easy Dishes to Bring to Your Summer Work Picnic by TINYpulseThere's something special about summer months. School’s out of session, so employees take time off to spend with their kids. Of course, they’ll also take time off if they don’t have kids in order to travel or even enjoy the classic staycation. The skies are clear of a single cloud, so people are finding every reason to leave early and enjoy the sunshine.

Because coworkers are the number one thing employees like about their jobs, now is the perfect time of the year to plan some team-building activities to help your staff members get even closer to one another.

Company picnics and barbecues are perhaps the easiest, least offensive team-building activity for any company. So why not plan one this summer?

Encourage every employee to bring a dish to showcase their culinary skills and make the event easier to put on. Running out of ideas of what to bring to the picnic? Here are some:


1. Fresh avocado dip

Fresh avocado dip

Nothing says summer like a great freshly made avocado dip. Get the recipe here.


2. Black bean salsa

Black bean salsa

Not everyone likes avocados, so you may want to give this alternative dip a try. Get the recipe here.


3. BLT spread

BLT spread

Another dip-type of dish that transforms a classic sandwich into bite-size goodness. Get the recipe here.


4. Bacon and cheddar deviled eggs

Deviled eggs

As if deviled eggs weren’t good enough. Add bacon and cheddar, and who can possibly complain? Get the recipe here.


5. Chili-lime corn wheels

Corn recipe for summer

Corn is a staple of summer; there’s no doubt about that. Take the vegetable to the next level by spicing it up a bit. Get the recipe here.


6. Mozzarella, red pepper, and bacon skewers

Tomato skewers

A dish that doesn’t need much explanation. Who wouldn’t want to devour one of these? Get the recipe here.


7. Five-bean summer salad

Five-bean summer salad

Leafy salads are overrated, right? Here’s a new, delicious take on a summer salad. Get the recipe here.


8. Mojito watermelon

Mojito watermelon

Now we’re talking. Who wouldn’t want to try this artsy take on a classic summer treat? Get the recipe here.


9. Carrot-zucchini slaw


An interesting take on yet another summer staple. Get the recipe here.


10. Stuffed party pinwheels

Party pinwheels

How delicious do these things look? As an added bonus, the recipe produces two different flavors of the snack. Get the recipe here.


11. Avocado pesto-stuffed tomatoes

Avocado pesto-stuffed tomatoes

Bite-size, not terrible for you, and absolutely delicious. What’s not to like? Get the recipe here.


12. Maple baked beans

Maple baked beans

An otherworldly bean dish that will most certainly fill you up. Is your stomach growling yet? Get the recipe here.


13. Jalapeño jack corn bread

Jalapeno jack cornbread

If somebody’s going to bring bread that’s not attached to a sandwich, they might as well spice things up — both literally and figuratively. Get the recipe here.


14. Jumbo shrimp cocktail

Jumbo shrimp cocktail

You can’t go wrong with a shrimp cocktail. Use jumbo shrimp to make it that much more delectable. Get the recipe here.


15. Crunchy mac and cheese

Crunchy mac and cheese

Even the pickiest eaters in the world have no problem devouring macaroni and cheese. Add crackers into the mix for an extra crunchy experience. Get the recipe here


16. Black bean chipotle hummus

Black bean chipotle hummus

You can never have enough dips, particularly when one of them is this satisfying. One dip and you’ll never go back. Get the recipe here.




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