Why Remote Workers Are Happier Than Everyone Else [New Report]

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Apr 12, 2016

According to Gallup, 37% of of US workers say they have telecommuted, a massive increase from the 9% who said the same back in 1995. Employment site FlexJobs saw a 26% jump in remote work postings between 2013 and 2014.

It’s safe to say that, even if your company does not currently employ remote workers at the moment, you’re likely to hire or work with them soon.

In our latest report, we surveyed 509 US employees who work remotely at all times to find out about their experiences in the workplace. And to put their responses in context, we compared them with benchmarks calculated from responses from over 200,000 employees across all work arrangements.

There were some striking differences.


Why Remote Workers Are Happier Than Everyone Else [Report by TINYpulse] 


The picture that emerges is one of a workforce that has the potential for high levels of employee engagement but also struggles to be connected with the rest of their company.

So what can leaders do to leverage the advantages of remote work, and what pitfalls do they have to avoid? Click on the button below to read our report and find out.




What Leaders Need to Know About Remote Workers by TINYpulse


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