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The Secrets to Workplace Success From the Happiest Industries

Written by Dora Wang | Feb 4, 2016 6:00:00 PM

There are some industries where we assume the employees are just naturally happier than the rest of us. Like the tech workers who are always in high demand, or the rapidly growing real estate industry that's getting hotter every day.

But are the most lucrative jobs really correlated with the highest level of workplace happiness?

To find out, we asked over 60,000 employees in a variety of industries about their satisfaction at work. And the results aren't what you'd think.

Our 2016 Best Industry Ranking Report digs deep into the responses from these employees to find out not only who's happiest but also about their workplace experience as a whole. What we found is that, while we can't all copy how rich or popular other industries are, we can emulate some of the awesome workplace qualities that the happiest employees enjoy.

Take a look at the answers employees gave to the question, "On a scale of 1 to 10, how effectively does your organization take action on the feedback you provide?"



The top three happiest industries (Consumer Products & Services, Real Estate, and Technology & Software) gave significantly higher scores compared to the bottom three industries (Manufacturing, Government & Nonprofit, and Energy, Mining & Utilities).

Responding to employee feedback is something companies from any industry can do, of course. Check out our report to see what other lessons can we learn from the happiest industries.