Are You In The Unhappiest Industry? Find Out

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Jan 23, 2015

Are some industries just destined to have a happy workforce? Or are there certain critical factors that contribute to an employee’s satisfaction? We were curious too, so we asked over 30,000 employees in various industries.

Our 2015 Best Industry Ranking Report uncovers what engages the happiest employees and how these traits can be adopted in other work environments. Here is how the industries ranked:


Surprised? So were we to find that Construction and Facilities came out on top. But it’s not so surprising when 37% of employees in that industry said they work with great people. Our 2014 Employee Engagement and Organizational Culture Report already pointed out that peers play a critical role in the workplace—they’re the driver for motivation.

And as for Manufacturing, which came out last … the #5 factor that contributes to their unhappiness was dissatisfaction with colleagues. Not being able to collaborate, work as a team, or rely on each other takes a toll on camaraderie. And in order for organizations to encourage these behaviors, they need to hire employees that believe in the same set of values.

When all is said and done, it all comes down to organizational culture. If companies want to keep their employees happy, they need to start hiring for fit.


2015 TINYpulse Industry Ranking Report

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