Do Your Employees Lack The Tools To Succeed?

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Dec 3, 2014

It’s not enough to give an employee a place to sit and assume she’s ready to tackle all of her projects. When we asked employees if they had the tools to succeed in their jobs, we were floored that over one in four employees said “no.”


Prompted by this response, we did some digging and found out that “tools” really means one of two things to employees: tangible things like equipment and supplies and intangibles like processes and training:

Two things would really help: a faster computer and an A/B testing tool.... Currently, my computer has only 4GB of RAM and it is extremely slow when working with multiple Excel documents. —TINYpulse user

I would like to create more processes and streamline the PM process. I think we can be more profitable and do a better job by managing scope creep, estimating better/more realistically, and having more transparency with the team. —TINYpulse user

I need to practice more with a few [software programs]. Some hours set aside [for this] might be helpful...maybe training hours a few times a week?—TINYpulse user

It’s time to evaluate your tools. And be honest. Have you asked your employees if they have what they need? You probably haven’t. Here are a few questions you can use in your employee engagement surveys to get the conversation going:

  • Do you have the tools to success in your role?

  • If you could have one additional tool or resource to do your job better, what would it be?

  • What one tool or resource should we invest in as a company to offer better customer service?

You’d be amazed what people will tell you if you ask—but you have to remember to ask!



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