Creating Memorable Company Values

1 min read
Dec 30, 2014

Are your company values feeling outdated and boring? Has it been a while since you looked them over? If so, it might be time to give them a refresh. Learn how these organizations (and TINYpulse clients!) are creating stellar cultural values that stick with their employees. And check out our tips and tricks to create and update your own.


Here is a quick overview of our tips to get you started:
  1. Use acronyms to make your values easier to internalize
  2. Make your values conversational
  3. Stress that you're a team by repeating a term like "we"

Organizational values are a living, breathing thing. Feed them and nurture them, and your team will embrace them. You’ll find candidates are easier to hire, employees will be more engaged, and your bottom line will actually improve.


Organizational values


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