The Unsettling Cost of Unhappy Employees [Infographic]

The_Unsettling_Cost_of_Unhappy_Employees_Infographic_1.jpegIt's easy for leaders to brush off employee engagement and claim that it doesn't tangibly impact the bottom line. If an employee isn't happy on the job, it doesn't matter because they're still working, right? Wrong.

Happiness, satisfaction, engagement — whatever you want to call it has a direct impact on a company's productivity and revenue. Here's a rundown from an infographic put together by

  • Happy employees are 31% more productive
  • Companies where the majority of employees are disengaged saw their operating income worsen year over year by 32.7%
  • Organizations with a very low number of engaged employees have an average of 3% lower EPS than the norm

The Unsettling Cost of Unhappy Employees



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Sabrina Son

Sabrina Son

May 29, 2016



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