8 Company Outing Ideas That Are Perfect for Summer

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Jun 6, 2016

8 Company Outing Ideas That Are Perfect for Summer by TINYpulseIt’s hard to believe yet another summer is right around the corner. The warmest season of the year provides the perfect opportunity for companies to schedule team-building outings to boost employee engagement and morale.

Drawing a blank as to what kinds of events your company should plan this summer? Here are eight ideas that should get you pointed in the right direction:


1. Picnics and BBQs

What would summer be without picnics or BBQs? Head to a nearby park — or the boss’s house, if space is aplenty and they are interested in hosting a company event — and get ready to bond with your coworkers over a nice summer meal and some ice-cold beverages. Encourage the culinary-inclined individuals on your team to bring a food item they’ve created.


2. Hiking

No matter where your business is physically located, it’s almost certain that there are reasonable hiking trails nearby. (Some companies — particularly those located in southern Utah — might have more impressive options.) Not only does scheduling a hike provide a great opportunity for employees to get to know each other, it’s also a healthy activity that can actually help workers become more productive.


3. Softball

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The classic company softball game provides a great time to see which of your employees were all-stars in gym class. Break up teams randomly to encourage employees who might not be best friends to talk to each other during the game. Remember, not everyone may be interested in playing. That’s perfectly fine as long as they show up to cheer everyone on.


4. Boat cruise

It’s not every day that everyone gets to go on a boat cruise. That being the case, scheduling such an event should get your staff excited — or at least the team members who don’t own luxury yachts.


5. Sporting event

Live near a baseball stadium? Why not catch a game sometime during the season? If possible, try to choose a day game during the workweek. Employees will be excited to be out of the office on a (fingers crossed) nice day, and they won’t have to give up their free time to participate in the team-building outing.


6. Volunteering

When the weather’s nice, you can take your team somewhere to work on a volunteer basis for a good cause. For example, there may be Habitat for Humanity opportunities in your area. Not only will your workers get to enjoy the day outside, they’ll also be putting their energy toward a great cause.


7. Kayaking, canoeing, or tubing

8 Company Outing Ideas That Are Perfect for Summer by TINYpulseSOURCE: giphy.com

There are few things better than floating down a cool river on a hot and humid day. Take your team to a river that offers kayak or canoe rentals and have them explore their new surroundings. For a more passive option, take them tubing. One thing’s for sure: your employees will get to know one another better when they’re floating next to each other for hours on a warm summer day.


8. Dinner

When all else fails, you can always schedule a dinner. Everyone needs to eat, after all. But pick a place that has outdoor seating. Depending on the size of your company, you may want to schedule multiple dinners over the course of the summer. Whenever possible, pick employees to attend each dinner at random to encourage new bonds to form.

Work doesn't always have to be about work. In order to build a stellar organizational culture where employees support one another and get along swimmingly, you need to help enhance those relationships through team-building activities. And the best way? Take them out of the workplace setting to humanize everyone.




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