Case Study: The Right Way To Bring Light To Professional Growth Plans

by Laura Troyani on Nov 24, 2014 4:00:00 AM

Screen_Shot_2014-11-19_at_4.18.17_PMWhat are the two best things a company can do with employee survey feedback? Listen and act. That’s exactly what TINYpulse client Ratio, an interactive agency in Seattle, did after receiving sobering news.

The company genuinely cared about employee well-being and professional development. That’s why they instituted TINYpulse in the first placethey wanted their employees to feel part of a team, and to feel that they truly mattered within the organization.

But one question came along that surprised the management team. When asked if their career path was clear to them, nearly 80% of all employees said "no."

Instead of taking this news lying down, Ratio spurred themselves to act. By implementing weekly 1:1’s, career scorecarding, and goal setting, among other activities, they were able to turn things around!

Listen to Paul, Ratio’s President, and Miles, Director of Human Resources, tell the story in their own words.

Do the employees in your organization have a sense for their future professional opportunities? Do you even know? Maybe it's time to start asking...



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