Best Companies to Work For: Spencer Group of Companies

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Feb 8, 2016

happiest_hospitality-1.pngThe results are in, and Spencer Group of Companies is the winner of the TINYpulse Happiest Company Award in the Hospitality industry. They maintained the highest happiness score over a period of six months.

You’re probably wondering how we measure workplace happiness ...

Once a month, we ask employees at over 500 companies around the world how happy they are at work. We separated the companies into 14 different industries then track the average happiness score for each organization.


About Spencer Group of Companies


Traveling is stressful, and Spencer Group of Companies understands that. They specialize in everything from corporate to leisure travel, ensuring that people make it to their destination without any hassle.

So how do you ensure your customers aren't stressed? Start with your employees. Spencer Group of Companies makes sure to keep their employee engagement level high in order to better serve their customers.

We got a chance to speak with the team to go behind the scenes of the organization to find out what makes Spencer Group of Companies one of the best places to work. Let's see what they had to say.

Best Companies to Work For: Minneapolis St Paul Plumbing Heating Air - Provided by TINYpulse


Q: What was the funniest recognition you’ve ever received?

A: One of our staff, Nicole, receiving candy undies after doing all the coordination for a client’s 40th birthday — she had to arrange naked sushi eating.

Also the funniest for our General Manager was after she won the managers award. She arrived back at the office and her desk was covered with balloons and streamers from the ceiling. 


Q: What was the happiest moment at work?

A: I still remember when we were about to invoice our first million dollars, which at the time was amazing.

On a personal level for me was winning the manager's award for the Travel Weekly back in 2010. Also when I celebrated 10 years at Spencer Group of Companies and received my one-carat diamond ring.


Q: What kind of fun activities does your company participate in?

A: The Our Staff Conference is always fun, particularly including a charity event on the weekend. Whether it's making bikes for under-privileged children, cooking for the homeless, everyone at our company loves to feel like they are giving back in some way. 

Best Companies to Work For: Minneapolis St Paul Plumbing Heating Air - Provided by TINYpulse


Q: What is the one thing that every company can do to make their employees happier?



Q: If you could describe your work culture in three words, what would they be?

A: Passionate. Positive. Honest.



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