Best Companies to Work For: SCM Safety

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Feb 8, 2016

Best Companies to Work For: SCM Safety - Provided by TINYpulseThe results are in, and SCM Safety is the winner of the TINYpulse Employee Recognition Award in the Professional Services & Consulting industry.

You're probably wondering how we came to this conclusion ...

Over 500 companies around the world use TINYpulse's peer-recognition platform called Cheers for Peers.

We separated the companies into 14 different industries then compared which company sent the most Cheers within their organization over the course of the past six months.


About SCM Safety

Best Companies to Work For: SCM Safety - Provided by TINYpulse

SCM Safety is dialed in with employee engagement and providing exceptional customer service by providing safety and compliance training. Their philosophy is "our passion for the safety and health of our employees, clients and our community drives us to be the premier provider of innovative systems-based safety solutions that are simple, customized and proactive.”

We got a chance to speak with the team to go behind the scenes of the organization to find out what makes SCM Safety one of the best places to work. Let's see what they had to say.


Q: What was the funniest recognition you’ve ever received?



Q: What was the happiest moment at work?

A: Safety Compliance Management (SCM) understands the importance of making our workplace enjoyable. We know our work can be taxing and stressing, so we allow our staff to bring in their dogs upon occasion, as long as they are well behaved. Our happiest moment was a full-on dog day, with an English bulldog puppy, a basset hound, and yellow lab in attendance. And all employees were smiling and having fun!

Best Companies to Work For: SCM Safety - Provided by TINYpulse 


Best Companies to Work For: SCM Safety - Provided by TINYpulseQ: What kind of fun activities does your company participate in?

A: SCM has a heart for service. In fact, we have a nonprofit sister company called “Heart of SCM.” When we decide to do something fun, a lot of times it includes helping others. One example is that every December, we host a poker tournament for employees, clients, and friends called “Santa Poker.” While there is a prize pot, most of the proceeds go to buying Christmas presents for foster children who might not otherwise have much of a Christmas.




 Q: What is the one thing that every company can do to make their employees happier?

A: Let your employees know that, in addition to a commitment to work product excellence, the company is committed to their personal development. This includes ensuring their families are taken care of. As an example, we have committed to not only providing the highest-quality health care for our staff but also providing access to life insurance.

Best Companies to Work For: SCM Safety - Provided by TINYpulse


Q: If you could describe your work culture in three words, what would they be?

A: Teamwork. Family. Commitment.

Best Companies to Work For: SCM Safety - Provided by TINYpulse



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