Best Companies to Work For: Harris Supply Solutions

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Feb 8, 2016

Best_Companies_to_Work_For_Harris_Supply_Solutions.pngThe results are in, and Harris Supply Solutions is the winner of the TINYpulse Raising the Bar Award in the Manufacturing industry, with one of the most-improved happiness scores over a period of six months.

You’re probably wondering how we measure workplace happiness ...

Once a month, we ask employees at over 500 companies around the world how happy they are at work. We separated each company into 14 different industries then calculated the average happiness score for each organization.

For this award, we analyzed the results by calculating the average happiness score for each company in the different industries to find out winners.


About Harris Supply Solutions




At Harris Supply Solutions, "Focused on Your Success" is more than a slogan; it's their commitment to customers and employees. They're a national distributor of steel and concrete products, and they understand that it takes more than quality products to earn people's business. 

We got a chance to speak with the team to go behind the scenes at the organization and find out what makes Harris Supply Solutions one of the best places to work.

HSSI decided to use TINYpulse when a change in operations had a material impact upon the team members and business. Understanding change generates concerns, and if not properly, communication is left by others to fill in the blanks.

HSSI initially used TINYpulse to create custom questions anonymously and solicit feedback addressing their concerns about the change, and what they liked about the change. It provided us an opportunity to address concerns, remedy some minor issues, and know what was working. The ability to solicit and receive anonymous feedback allowed us to process the change quicker, with individual concerns and issues addressed.

As HSSI progressed through the change, we utilized the weekly questions from TINYpulse to gauge employee engagement and work with the team to develop a better environment to work and retain team members.

Everyone has a voice — a voice that provides an opportunity for management to engage in discussion, make changes, or communicate why certain issues can’t be changed increasing the understanding and trust for all those involved. 



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