Best Companies to Work For: Gold Medal Waters

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Feb 8, 2016

The results are in, and Gold Medal Waters is the winner of two TINYpulse awards: the Raising the Bar Award and Employee Recognition Award in the Finance & Insurance industry.

Best Companies to Work For: Gold Medal Waters - Provided by TINYpulseBest Companies to Work For: Gold Medal Waters - Provided by TINYpulse

To give you some background, the Raising the Bar Award is for companies who improved their happiness scores over a period of six months. And the Employee Recognition Award highlights companies that have sent the most recognition throughout the entire company.

But let's rewind — you’re probably wondering how we measure workplace happiness ...

Once a month, we ask employees at over 500 companies around the world how happy they are at work. We separated each company into 14 different industries then calculated the average happiness score for each organization.

For this award, we analyzed the results by calculating the average happiness score for each company in the different industries to find out winners.

Best Companies to Work For: Gold Medal Waters - Provided by TINYpulse


About Gold Medal Waters

Best Companies to Work For: Gold Medal Waters - Provided by TINYpulse

Gold Medal Waters is an independent, fee-only financial advisory firm that serves the unique challenges of medical professionals. The most remarkable facts about this organization is that they've maintained a 98% client-retention rate. How do they do this, you ask? By keeping employee engagement top of mind and delighting their customers with their positive energy. 

We got a chance to speak with the team to go behind the scenes of the organization to find out what makes Gold Medal Waters one of the best places to work. Let's see what they had to say.


Q: What was the funniest recognition you’ve ever received?

A: We were awarded a Wealth Management Award by some marketing company that turned out to be a pay-to-play scheme (they kept asking us to buy a plaque). Pretty run of the mill for our industry, but when a colleague put his dog up for the same award, and the dog was considered, I figured it was time to make sure we were never mentioned for that award again.  

Q: What was the happiest moment at work?

A: There have been so many. Probably the most recent was the completion of our audit by the State of Colorado. It was a big effort for the team and we came out of it with the state only requesting two small verbiage changes in our contracts. Just reaffirms that we are working in a very clean way and in the interest of our clients. Made us proud of what we have created. 


Q: What kind of fun activities does your company participate in?

A: Since we work from a lot of different places, we get together for a once-a-month, fun sit-down lunch at a nice club. It tends to reconnect us. We also meet up for beverages at some of the local Colorado microbrews at the end of the week. Nothing too crazy. 
Best Companies to Work For: Gold Medal Waters - Provided by TINYpulse


Q: What is the one thing that every company can do to make their employees happier?



Q: If you could describe your work culture in three words, what would they be?

A: Relaxed. Efficient. Direct.



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