Best Companies to Work For: dogIDs

by Sabrina Son on Feb 8, 2016 5:00:00 AM

Best Companies to Work For: dogIDs - Provided by TINYpulseThe results are in, and dogIDs is the winner of the TINYpulse Employee Recognition Award in the E-Commerce & Retail industry.

You're probably wondering how we came to this conclusion ...

Over 500 companies around the world use TINYpulse's peer-recognition platform called Cheers for Peers.

We separated the companies into 14 different industries then compared which company sent the most Cheers within their organization over the course of the past six months.


About dogIDs

Best Companies to Work For: dogIDs - Provided by TINYpulse

dogIDs was was born in 2005. Their mission is to create the highest-qualilty dog products, and to do so, they foster an organizational culture based on employee recognition. Now what does that have to do with dog products? Well, first off, you won't get high-quality goods unless your workforce is happy — innovation and employee engagement go hand in hand.

We got a chance to speak with the team to go behind the scenes of the organization to find out what makes dogIDs one of the best places to work. Let's see what they had to say.

Best Companies to Work For: dogIDs - Provided by TINYpulse

Q: What was the funniest recognition you've ever received?


  • Jaryd: Congratulations for ending up on social media! (Lily was on my lap)
  • Stephanie: Someone said they liked my face ...

  • Kayla: "Sweater pics were hot."
  • Hannah: "Thanks for checking to see if the mystery liquid on the floor was dog pee. I'm glad it wasn't."
  • Shelby: At dogIDs, we often like to use photoshop for funny images, and I'm sure almost every one of us has been photoshopped into something funny before.
  • Keely: The funniest recognition I ever received was, "Your voice is like a mix between Fergie and Jesus."
  • Sara: I've had people say they like my dogs which is kind of fun.
Best Companies to Work For: dogIDs - Provided by TINYpulse

Q: What was the happiest moment at work?


  • Jaryd: Sending out the last Christmas order this year! On time!
  • Stephanie: When I successfully figured out the embroidering design software.
  • Kayla: My happiest moments at work are when we do our team time and can all enjoy each other's company in a stress-free atmosphere!
  • Hannah: My happiest moment has been watching my first marketing campaign take off! 
  • Shelby: When we're all teaming up to work on things together — like Christmas orders or a big campaign — the teamwork is my happiest moment. 
  • Keely: My happiest moment at work was being welcomed so kindly by everyone when I first started.
  • Sara: Getting caught up on things after being behind like holiday catch up and after zulilly deadlines.

Best Companies to Work For: dogIDs - Provided by TINYpulse

Q: What kind of fun activities does your company participate in?


  • Jaryd:We participate in sports leagues (volleyball), we go to trivia, and we have weekly office activities (board games, people games).
  • Stephanie: Lots of fun outside-of-work activities such as The Haunted Corn Maze for Halloween and the Christmas party.
  • Kayla: We participate in several fun activities including: community events, party buses, retreats, playing strategic games, you name it! 
  • Hannah: Team Time! Having Team Time allows us to play games together, grab lunch, play sand volleyball, go to plays our coworkers are a part of, or even going to haunted corn mazes for Halloween.
  • Shelby: We have all kinds of fun team events, but I actually enjoy the simple game days the best. It's great to take a breather and just enjoy some fun time with the pack. 
  • Keely: Our company participates in many fun activities, such as eating cookies, having potlucks, and playing Mafia!
  • Sara: We support our pack members outside of work. Went to Shelby's play, people come to my dog shows. Having potlucks.

Best Companies to Work For: dogIDs - Provided by TINYpulse


Q: What is one thing that every company can do to make their employees happier?


  • Jaryd: Listen to your employees! It's easy to forget to listen and assume an activity or idea is what someone else wants. Better to ask and listen.
  • Stephanie: Just spend time getting to know each other on a personal level. You spend more time with your coworkers during the week than with your family. It's important that you love them like family.
  • Kayla: One thing that every company can do to make their employees happier is to keep them updated and have great communication. If there isn't superb communication then stress and irritation take over.
  • Hannah: Listen to your employees. Have a tool that employees can send feedback and suggestions to create a happy and healthy work environment. 
  • Shelby: Make it clear that each role is important and show them how their contributions affect the bottom line. 
  • Keely: I think one thing that every company can do to make their employees happier is letting them know that they are appreciated and rewarding them when they are doing an awesome job! 
  • Sara: Do more team building or team times. Building closer relationships makes it easier to ask for help and a less stressful environment.

Best Companies to Work For: dogIDs - Provided by TINYpulse

Q: If you could describe your culture in three words, what would they be?





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