Best Companies to Work For: Dillon Toyota-Lift

by Sabrina Son on Feb 24, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Best_companies_to_work_for_4-1The effects of one bad hire produces a ripple effect throughout the organization. Our Employee Retention Report found that micromanaged workers are 28% less likely to think about a new job. So as a CEO, how do you make sure your managers are performing up to par?


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Dillon Toyota-Lift is an industrial equipment dealer, and they understand the importance of retaining their employees. President and CEO John Dillon explains:

“Our team is comprised of positive, forward-thinking, and energetic ‘A’ players that have a ‘can-do’ attitude for our clients and each other.”


Managing Team Managers

Dillon Toyota-Lift faces a different issue when it comes to managing their workforce. They have several different branches, with locations in various states. As a way to track the trends of employee sentiment at the different locations, they started using pulsing surveys.

Not all issues happen across the entire company. And Dillon Toyota-Lift is well aware of this. Tracking results from each branch separately reminds them that some issues affect only specific locations.

There was one time when a branch was restructuring, and John was able to find out that things weren't going too well. “Without the monthly check-ins we would not have truly known how the management at this branch was performing and interacting on a daily basis with our employees,” Executive Administrator Annie Jo Stringer shares. “We were given insight that allowed us to evaluate the culture in this location and make the necessary changes to better serve our employees and build the overall morale in the branch.”

Not all managers are the same. So in order to maintain your organizational culture and make sure ideas are aligned, you need to measure and keep track of employee sentiment.



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