Best Companies to Work For: Confidental

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Feb 8, 2016

Best Companies to Work For: Confidental - Provided by TINYpulseThe results are in, and Confidental is the winner of the TINYpulse Employee Recognition Award in the Healthcare industry.

You're probably wondering how we came to this conclusion ...

Over 500 companies around the world use TINYpulse's peer-recognition platform called Cheers for Peers.

We separated the companies into 14 different industries then compared which company sent the most Cheers within their organization over the course of the past six months.


About Confidental

Best Companies to Work For: Confidental - Provided by TINYpulse

Confidental is a family-friendly dentistry that's been helping make brighter smiles in the UK since 1965. They've won countless awards for their outstanding service, and it's no surprise they won the Recognition Award. Great services starts with great employee engagement.

We got a chance to speak with the team to go behind the scenes of the organization and find out what makes Confidental one of the best places to work. Let's see what they had to say.



Q: What was the funniest recognition you’ve ever received?

A: "Thanks for licking all the 300 envelopes! ... Only 300 extra calories haha." (Each envelope has 1 calorie when you lick and seal, and I had to lick 300 envelopes.)


Q: What was the happiest moment at work?

A: Having my birthday with the rest of the team. The team brought in a cake which we all enjoyed. Yum yum!

Also being part of the team and engaging with each other. We can’t do it alone — we have to work together to make sure we perform and deliver to the best standards


Q: What kind of fun activities does your company participate in?

A: We try and have an event every month. Some examples we've done are a Krispy Kreme donut day, bacon butties day, go-karting, bowling, pub quiz night, chartity fundraising events ...


Q: What is the one thing that every company can do to make their employees happier?

A: Listen to each other and engage with employee feedback and survey responses. Ask your team what to do to make work more fun for them.

Q: If you could describe your work culture in three words, what would they be?

A: Teamwork. Hardworking. Respect.



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