Avoid Doing These 9 Things If You Want to Get Ahead in Your Career

by Robby Berman on Jun 30, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Avoid Doing These 9 Things If You Want to Get Ahead In Your Career by TINYpulseDana Plowman, writing for News-Press Now, has a very handy list of nine things you should do to not get ahead in your career. What a minute. Make that nine things you should never do.


1. Not taking your education seriously 

If you’re still in school or taking courses in your off-hours to increase your skill set, take it seriously. A good GPA could be the difference between you and someone else getting that promotion or new job.


2. Not having a plan 

Things don’t always work out optimally, so your current job may not be where you want to end up. Strategize to figure out how it can be a stepping stone on your greater career path.


3. Lying 

Avoid Doing These 9 Things If You Want to Get Ahead In Your Career by TINYpulseSOURCE: giphy.com

Just don’t. Trust can be the hardest thing to reestablish, so consider your reputation for integrity to be an asset you guard diligently.


4. Harming your reputation on social media

You may think keeping your profile private means nothing will leak out. But remember that what you put out there stays out there for your current, or any prospective, employer to see.


5. Not respecting professional boundaries 

Oversharing personal details and experiences can make you look unprofessional and can make your work relationships awkward.


6. Gossiping, slandering, excessively criticizing

Avoid Doing These 9 Things If You Want to Get Ahead In Your Career by TINYpulseSOURCE: giphy.com

Again, not a professional thing to do. It makes you look like you're a negative person and maybe even someone who has nothing better to do than cause trouble.


7. Carrying on an inappropriate relationship with your boss

The heart wants what the heart wants, but consider the career you really want too. Hooking up with a superior may make others feel like you’re getting favored treatment, and yikes, what if things go wrong?


8. Losing touch with references 

People you may use as references are also people who don’t like to feel like they’re just being used. Stay in touch to the extent that feels appropriate, and be willing to help them out too.


9. Leaving a job on bad terms 

Keep it classy when you leave a job, making sure to give proper notice when it’s your decision. There’s no reason to leave bad feelings — or even anger at you — in your wake. Future employers are likely to ask your previous employer about you.

The underlying theme here is to keep your eyes on the prize, the career you really want to have. By cultivating a professional reputation and leaving others with positive feelings for you, you’ll vastly increase your chances of success.




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