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Posts from Taylor Sade

13 Signs You'll Pass on the Road to Success

We've all heard the cliché that life is a road that we all follow, albeit in our own unique path. Additionally, a major part of everyone's life is indeed the career path they choose. What do they want to do with their life, i.e. their career. Many people see themselves progressing through the ranks of their desired field and landing a position in not only managment but in leadership. If this is how you see yourself, what signs along this road do you think you would pass? To become a successful leader, there is no right or wrong answer. But there are inevitable signs you'll see along the way, and how you react to these scenarios of decision making is what will make you into the successful leader.

Sep 17

7 Reasons Working From a Coffee Shop Is Extremely Distracting

Working from a coffee shop is cool, right? RIGHT? Everybody does it. That’s what millennials do. That’s what the work environment is like these days. Just find a Wi-Fi signal and get after it. No need to worry about the various distractions that may come along with your choice of "office" for the day. Well, you can be the judge of that.

7 Ways Working Remotely Is Just Like Being in the Office

There are certain clichés of working in a real-life, prototypical office space. We see these situations get picked at and broken down in pop culture routinely because it's something that nearly everybody can relate to on some level. From the mundane to the fun, our places of employment are what make us who we are. That being said, things are changing in this landscape. People are no longer required to go into a (real-life, prototypical) office anymore. The virtual office is what's currently defining many employees' career paths, so what are the typical situations these employees find themselves in? Imagine a scenario that happens in an actual office, and this is how that would play itself out in the virtual office. 1) The watercooler chitchat = instant messaging system In an actual office, employees may gather round the proverbial watercooler for some quick chitchatting or office gossip. This is where it seems standard to shoot the breeze and let some steam off, whether in between tasks or just giving yourself a much-needed break from all the humdrum. 

What Each Day of the Week Means To Employees (If Being Honest)

The work week is a cycle that employees find themselves in, well, every week. The thing is, it’s cyclical. You do what you can to make it through to the week (if you’re being completely honest to yourself and employers), and then you find yourself right back in the same position at the beginning of the following week. 

Aug 31

7 Temptations Remote Workers Need to Avoid

Working from home is luxury that many employees, full-time and freelance, are taking advantage of. You get to earn a paycheck without leaving the comfort of your own home? It almost sounds too good to be true. Well, it can be if you fall victim to these temptations and don’t get things done.

Aug 20

The Constant Up-and-Down Lifestyle Every Freelancer Faces

Freelance work can be as rewarding as it can be challenging. It has the highs of completed work and satisfaction in what you're doing mixed with the uncertainty of not knowing what will come next. These are the steps that everybody who has dedicated a particular stage of — or an entirety of — a career to freelance work has experienced.