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Posts from Taylor Sade

Nov 8

8 Things You Realize About Your Job After You Leave

Places of employment routinely fluctuate. People come and go. They may get fired. They may get hired. They may get a raise. They may make a lateral move. A close friend of mine recently moved on (peacefully) from an entry-level position in marketing/sales. Her final task before leaving was to go through the process of not only helping find her replacement but training the new employee as well. These are the things she realized about her job at the time and where things were headed for her future. Have you ever trained your replacement? You may have realized these things about your job too:

11 Ways Coworkers Resemble Your Family

Pretty much your entire existence is spent either around your family or in the workplace. Seriously, think about it. These are the two groups of people you're always surrounded by. So there are bound to be parallels between the two.

17 Questions That Will Drive You Mad During Work Projects

Getting a project off the ground is no easy task, but you knew that already. Projects take numerous phases to gain traction, get approval, and then glide through the finish line.

Our 5 Favorite Workplace Parties

Office parties occur throughout the year, but employees don't necessarily go to all of them. Which do they enjoy the most? Which would they rather not go to go? Regardless, parties are a great source for employee recognition. These are TINYpulse's choices for the best office parties that happen, and that we think employees would universally agree are the most fun to attend.

Oct 23

11 Employees From TV You’ll Find in Every Office

The best television is based off something that audiences can relate to. You feel you can put yourself in the character's shoes. You feel you may have even lived out the exact scenario being portrayed in the episode. You may even feel some of the characters are based off somebody you know, or even yourself.  Often, the most relatable topic for television to portray (aside from dating, which is a rampant plotline) is the workplace. Television shows dissect work environments and the people that make them up. The reason these 11 shows have been so successful is becuase you probably know a person from the cast you feel you've worked with in your real-life career. 

The 5 Most Useless Times to Schedule Meetings

The meeting: it's an integral part of the work force. It's how people come together and get on the same page to achieve common goals. But how often would you say that's what actually happens in a meeting? Are people really participating, are they using it as a time to zone out, or are they simply distracted? The timing of a meeting is essentially as important as what the purpose of the meeting is. Before you schedule a meeting with coworkers or even higher-ups, think about the time of day and consider how focused people will be. After all, getting on the same page is the overall goal. So depending on the hour of the day, employee engagement can either be a hit or miss.