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Posts from Robby Berman

Mar 3

8 Mistakes That Could Make Your Best Employees Leave

One of the most frustrating things about managing a team has to be this: just when you have the best people possible in place, someone decides to move on. Your dream team is a moving target and you wish it would stop moving. You wonder if there’s anything you did that cost you that valued employee.

Feb 27

What to Do With a Jerk Coworker Who’s Only Nice Around the Boss

There are those people who think that all they need to care about is what their boss thinks of them. They don’t care who else knows how lazy or dishonest they are or how little they care about their work and those they work with. 

Feb 24

11 Signs Your Coworkers Don’t Think That Much of You

You spend all day with these people. Some of them you like, and others not so much. Every now and then, though, you catch a whiff of superiority, and it throws you off. Do your colleagues not get you? Hmm. Are you just being paranoid? Maybe not.

Feb 23

6 Things Your Company Must Have to Avoid Workplace Harassment

On February 19, an engineer named Susan J. Fowler published a post on her personal blog alleging sexual harassment at Uber, now her former employer. 

Feb 20

How to Revive a Job That’s Not What It Used to Be

Feb 19

You’re Probably Way More Careful About Germs Than Your Employees

Staples released their seventh annual cold-and-flu-season survey, and it contains some surprises. For example, it turns out almost half of the respondents would gladly sacrifice one of their vacation days to a sick person to help keep the office free of his or her germs. (58% of the survey’s respondents are aware that the germs can survive up to three days on office surfaces and equipment.) Nonetheless, 80% of respondents reported going to work sick themselves.