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Posts from Robby Berman

Apr 3

A New Survey Looks at How Women and Men View Their Jobs

You may think that everyone sees life at your company in roughly the same way, but the 2016 Gender Equality Survey just published by kununu and InHerSight suggests otherwise.

Mar 27

Do Different Cultures in the Office Really Cause Trouble?

  Companies are becoming increasingly international, with employees and managers from all sorts of places working together. 

Successful People Have 8 Contradictory Personality Traits

Researchers have tried for years to nail down what makes people successful. 

Why You Should Invest in Employee Development

87% of millennials surveyed by Gallup say they want their jobs to include employee development, and a main reason they cite for leaving a job is that it’s boring and/or it offers no opportunity for advancement. At the same time, employers typically have a hard time finding good people. See where we’re going with this?

Mar 6

Don’t Get Caught Using Any of These 10 Bad Phrases at Work

Sometimes a thing you say has two meanings: the one you intend, and the one others hear. There are a handful of phrases that savvy businesspeople never use because they can poison the way others see them. Dr. Travis Bradberry came up with a list of 10 self-sabotaging bad phrases at work for LinkedIn.

Mar 3

One Woman’s Hilarious Reaction to Her Company’s Dress Code

June J. Rivas was having an issue with her boss. It had to do with her manager’s belief that she had the right to micromanage Rivas’s appearance. It’s a problem many women of color in the workplace face.