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Posts from Robby Berman

Apr 17

Is 'Radical Candor' the Key to Being an Awesome Manager?

Kim Scott wrote the book on “radical candor.”

Apr 14

Add One More Meeting and the Whole Week Makes More Sense

Nobody’s looking to have more meetings, of course. But Elite Truong, Writing for Poynter, has found that the addition of one particular kind of meeting can make all the difference: a retrospective meeting helps teams look back to move forward.

Apr 14

This Checklist Can Help Keep You on Top of Employee Engagement

As a manager, a key aspect to keeping your employees engaged is applying your best practices consistently. It’s all too easy to get caught up in putting out fires and meeting targets, and letting this critical aspect of your job slip down the priority list. It’s also a lot of stuff to remember, and when you multiply that by the number of people who report directly to you, well . . .

Would You Welcome Management Training and Testing?

Moving up the ladder in most companies — getting the bigger bucks, the corner office, and so on — is usually synonymous with moving into management. But bestowing a management job on a great employee as a reward carries with it obvious problems: there’s no particular reason a great salesperson or software engineer, for example, knows how to manage, or even has a capacity to learn the required skills.

Apr 10

How Three Powerhouses Build Digital Detox Into Their Days

One of the great things about the digital lifestyle is that you’re always connected. One of the terrible things about the digital lifestyle is also that you’re always connected. When you’re committed to your work, there’s no getting away, sometimes even when you’re away, unless you make a concerted effort to unplug. Work-life balance? Ha, nonexistent, in spite of the growing realization that being available 24/7 isn’t healthy no matter how much pressure you’re under to keep all of your plates in the air and spinning.

Apr 7

How to Take Vacation Time Without Hating Yourself for It

More than half of American workers, 55%, opted not to use up their vacation time in 2015, the last year for which there’s data, according to Project: Time Off. Altogether, that’s 658 million vacation days left on the table for the year, the highest amount ever recorded (the previous record was 429 million). The Project: Time Off study lists three main reasons we don’t take more time off: