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Posts from Neal McNamara

The Different Outlook on Performance Reviews by Gender

In a previous TINYpulse poll on performance reviews, we learned that women are more likely to undergo a performance review. In that poll, 70% of women said they have some type of annual review, while only 59% of men said they did.

The Fascinating Difference in Performance Reviews Between Generations

You hear it often: people hate going through the performance review process at work. Managers hate how much time it takes, and employees feel stressed going through it. 

8 Christmas Movies That Take Place at a Workplace

Christmas is a time of cheer, gifts, vacations, and tales of morality. Christmas movies tend to be message-heavy, but we wanted to go a little deeper and find movies that touch on common workplace and employee engagement issues.

Proof that Trump's "Wage Is Too High" Comment Is Plain Wrong

No shock, Donald Trump said something silly during the presidential debate Tuesday night. But this time his comment touched on something that we know about: employee engagement.

15 Horror Movies That Take Place at a Workplace

Staying engaged at work is difficult, but it’s even tougher if there’s an immortal, ax-wielding psychopath chasing you through the woods.

Why Sick Employees Need to Be Banned From Coming Into Work

Aside from air travel and doorknobs, the workplace is perhaps the most effective route of disease transmission in the modern world.