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Posts from Neal McNamara

Aug 16

8 Things No One Asked For in the Workplace

This is part of a blog series discussing TINYpulse's newest upgrade, LIVEpulse. Click here to learn more about what LIVEpulse does.

How Middle Managers Are Revolutionizing the Workplace [New Report]

Pick a Dilbert, any Dilbert, and you’ll probably find a crack at middle management. In one strip from March 1995, Dilbert asks the new owner of the company what his plans are; the owner says he’s going to trim middle management, which he defines as anyone who writes “FYI” on a work document. In the next panel, you see Dilbert encouraging his direct manager to deliver a bunch of documents to the new boss labeled “FYI.”

Jul 15

The Cameo in HBO’s Silicon Valley

If you weren’t paying close attention, you might’ve missed it, but TINYpulse client Wpromote made a cameo in a recent episode of the tech-industry satirizing HBO series, Silicon Valley. The producers of the show chose Wpromote’s beautiful offices to shoot a scene for the ninth episode of season three “Daily Active Users,” which aired June 19.

Why On-Demand Workers Are Ready to Quit [New report]

Recently, TINYpulse undertook a poll of on-demand workers — the people who drive for Uber or do tasks for TaskRabbit — to better understand what their work experience is like.

Jun 29

Tips for Making the Perfect Cup of Coffee at Work

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a barista at work, the coffee in your office probably comes from a drip coffeemaker — and that coffee is probably closer to puddle water than single-origin Olke Birre. But since you need the caffeine, you drink it anyway.  

What Kelly Ripa Can Teach Us About Workplace Transparency

Sometimes, lessons in management come from unexpected places.