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Posts from Naomi Thalenberg

Why New Hires Fail Without a Mentor During Onboarding

Less than one month ago, I started my journey as a new hire on the TINYpulse team. In the last three and a half years, I’ve held a total of six jobs, the longest of which I was at for a year and a half (insert millennial job-hopping stereotype here). So you could say I’m pretty used to being the newbie. It never quite gets easier, though.

Dec 31

5 Secrets to Staying Committed to New Year's Resolutions for Work

A new year is upon us, which means that once again it’s time to take a hard look at our lives and act fearlessly by setting resolutions. Sure, we all have something we want to better about ourselves, especially when it comes to our careers.

Best Companies to Work For: Tobii

Meet ...

Preventing Burnout Before It Happens

Let’s face it, burnout happens on the job. Depending on your workload, hours spent at your desk, and hefty job requirements, you’ve probably asked yourself whether it’s all worth it at some point. 

Best Companies to Work For: Yoogi’s Closet

Most retailers know that keeping their employee morale high throughout the holiday season is a must. It’s a stressful time for shoppers and employees alike.

Best Companies to Work For: helloworld

When it comes to the travel agency world, there’s much more that meets the eye. The staff at helloworld, Australia’s leading travel agency group, know this best. Not only do they work closely with their clients on meticulous travel details and options, but they, too, get out their passports and head into a myriad of destinations.