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Posts from Laura Troyani

Employee Retention: What's Making Workers Quit [New Report]

What leads employees to walk out the door for good? Wouldn’t you want to know what you could do to keep your best and brightest from taking jobs from your competitors? Well, it’s your lucky day because here at TINYpulse we just released our Employee Retention Report. We surveyed 400 full-time employees across the U.S. to uncover what keeps employees satisfied and in their seats, and what makes them look for greener pastures.

Top 5 Reasons To Attend HR Tech in 2015

Are you gearing up for the HR-palooza that is the HR Tech Conference?

5 Enduring Leadership Qualities Learned From Batman

The Caped Crusader may seem a little out of reach to many of us. After all, who other than Batman can survive a 15-story fall with nothing but a grappling gun? Yet decades of Batman stories have shown us that Bruce Wayne and his alter ego have a lot to teach us about getting the job done and getting the job done well.

5 Enduring Leadership Lessons from Chuck Norris

Ah, the enduring allure of Chuck Norris. Sure, he's a ninja master and our favorite Texas Ranger. But behind that tough exterior lives a true leader. Chuck Norris knows how to block, tackle, and overcome major roadblocks. Let's see what types of leadership qualities anyone can learn from Chuck Norris ...

May 5

[New Report] What's Keeping Finance Employees Down in the Dumps

Ah, to work in the finance and insurance sector. Salaries are high; benefits are good. So clearly employees must be happy. Right? Wrong.

The Infrequently Discussed Downsides of Annual Employee Surveys

"Out of sight, out of mind" is not a saying well suited to fostering strong work cultures. Just check out what employees think about managers being part of their workplace satisfaction.