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Posts from Justin Reynolds

How CEOs Can ‘Pre-Suade’ Employees to Embrace Organizational Change

In 1984, psychologist Robert Cialdini released Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. Very simply, the book examines the psychology behind what makes people say “yes” to something — and how understanding those techniques can help marketers and other professionals achieve the outcomes they desire.

May 1

Start-Up Report: Female-Led Start-Ups Are Growing Faster

A few weeks ago, TINYpulse released its 2017 Annual Start-Up Culture Report, a study that shines a light on a number of trends related to workplace culture in the fast-moving world of start-ups. We anonymously surveyed more than 100 founders — as well as thousands of their employees — to find out what ingredients are most strongly correlated with the growth and success of new companies.

Can Salary Transparency Close the Wage Gap?

For a long time, companies convinced their employees that they shouldn’t be able to discuss their salaries with their coworkers. If a worker made $70,000 and their colleague, who did the same job, was paid $60,000 even though they had the same experience and credentials, it wouldn’t end pretty if the lower-paid worker found out.

Apr 28

Why Timing Matters for Start-Ups

Every entrepreneur has dreams of turning their start-up into the next Facebook, Google, or Amazon. But unfortunately, a vast majority of those dreams never become reality. In fact, 90% of start-ups fail.

Leadership Qualities Managers Need in an Ever-Changing Era

In today’s fast-paced business world, companies — and start-ups in particular — need to continuously adapt in order to remain competitive.

9 Mistakes New Managers Make and How to Fix Them

Being a great manager is hard work — particularly when you’re just starting out in your new position of authority.