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Posts from Jimmy Winskowski

Jun 16

Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week – June 16, 2014

Many of us - from the CEOs to the newest hire - have a hard time keeping our workload in check with the rest of our life outside the office. It can be a struggle trying to get ahead in business without falling behind in one's personal and family life. So what does it take to keep it all in balance? Career expert Kathy Caprino shares a few tips in this recent Forbes piece entitled, "10 Commitments of People Achieving Successful Work-Life Integration." Take a look and see what changes you need to make to bring it all into harmony.

Jun 9

Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week – June 9, 2014

In any business, managing people can be an art. After all, you've got to worry about egos, expectations, productivity, and a slew of other factors. If you want to have success as a manager - regardless of your company's size - you've got to communicate well with your workforce. What happens if you don't? Well, we'll let business author Frank Gruber answer that question. In his recent piece for Tech Cocktail, he reveals the problems that come when you stop communicating with your team.

Jun 2

Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week – June 2, 2014

A few months ago at a tech community Meetup in Seattle, a very successful local CEO spoke about the importance of knowing what you don't know. This statement rings especially true when it comes to company culture. How can you recognize when your business has a culture that's in serious trouble? Luckily, Forbes contributor Shane Atchison has taken the time to spell out 10 signs that your company has a culture problem in a fabulous recent article. Take the time to check it out, and find out if there's something you may not know (yet) about your culture!

May 26

Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week – May 26, 2014

Business News Daily's Nicole Fallon recently shared some advice specifically for first-time managers, but we think that it's applicable to owners and executives as well. They speak to a few of the mistakes that even the most dedicated and driven leaders sometimes make. In fact, many of her 5 tips for first-time managers align perfectly with our own company values as well as the findings from our 2013 Employee Engagement Survey! Check out all of her advice, including our personal favorite: "Transparency is key."

May 19

Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week – May 19, 2014

We often speak of happiness and productivity in the workplace in a very "chicken or the egg" manner; no one is certain as to which begets which. Whichever side of the argument you fall on, Forbes author Victor Lipman has 7 key management practices that are sure to increase productivity (leading in turn to better employee happiness, perhaps?) If you are still unsure as to which side of the debate you should side with, this article may help you decide!

TINYpulse Tips - Using the TINYpulse Wordcloud Feature

The TINYpulse Worldcloud is a feature that we have anticipated for quite some time, knowing that this tool could be a huge time saver for many of our larger clients. This tool allows TINYpulse admins to sort through data much more quickly and easily.