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Geoconcepts Asia, the tech company with most recognition, explains how they use TINYpulse.

Here at TINYpulse, we know the challenges of having multiple offices in distant time zones. That's why Geoconcept Asia's TINYaward for Most Employee Recognition is especially laudable-- Geoconcept Asia is held by Geoconcept Group, a French IT company specialized in the integration of GIS (Geographical Information Systems) in a wide range of industries. Geoconcept Asia is the parent company of 2 offices located in Shanghai, China and Chennai, India. The teams located in the Shanghai and Chennai offices are the users of the TINYpulse platform, and this year, they had more recognition on those teams than any other tech company using TINYpulse-- an incredible feat in a category with hundreds of competitors.

Teneo Linguistics Company nails it on employee recognition. How did they do it?

Every year, TINYpulse sends out our annual TINYawards, a collection of awards based off of data from our app. We look for the happiest employees, the most recognized teams, the most employee-suggestions-turned-wins. With thousands of TINYpulse clients, it's a lot to sort through, but there are always a few that really stand out., leading the way in recognition, feedback, and employee happiness.

With hundreds of thousands of users on the TINYpulse platform, we see the best side of companies every day. We're always thrilled to have insights into which organizations put their best foot forward, and connect with their employees with genuine positivity and a problem-solving attitude.

Our new study takes a deeper look into “the State of Remote Work”

We’re excited to announce the findings of a new research study that TINYpulse has co-authored with Owl Labs, on the state of remote work. The study is one of the first of its kind to focus on employee success and retention for remote workers.

BFO & Company Culture: How the Best Place to Work handles a crisis

Be Found Online was ranked #1 on Ad Age’s Best Place to Work in 2016. Amidst public accolades, they were facing one of the most difficult moments of their development: working with a client who was hurting company morale. The client represented 25% of their revenue, and while continuing to work with them could present significant retention issues, the loss in revenue could cause equally catastrophic losses in staffing.

What your Employee Survey says about your Company Culture

There are lots of different ways to elicit feedback from your employees. But the truth is, the approach you take says a lot about your culture and your mindset when it comes to your employees. Are you living in the past? Flying by the seat of your pants?

It's time to start changing the way your employees engage. 

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