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Posts from Emma Brudner

Phrases Guaranteed to Improve the Employee-Manager Relationship

The relationship between employee and manager can be a fraught one. Although both parties are striving for the same goals, it can sometimes seem as if they’re speaking two different languages.

Leveraging Skip-Level Meetings to Solicit Honest Employee Feedback

Employees don’t always feel comfortable giving their managers feedback, and that’s okay. But without some way of getting their employees’ thoughts, managers often go without feedback — and that’s not okay. Just like workers need consistent feedback to get better at their jobs and hone their skills, managers need employee feedback in order to get better at management and learn to more effectively lead.

Mar 9

Follow These 4 Steps to Get the Mentor You Want

The benefits of having a mentor are twofold. First, mentors can provide less-experienced professionals with tactical advice on how to get there from here and how to address challenges that crop up along the way. Second, mentors can advocate for their mentees, using their influence to open doors that would have otherwise remained closed or off limits.

The 14 Stages of Performance Reviews, in GIFs

Raise your hand if you look forward to your performance review.

6 Quick Tips for First-Time Managers

So you’ve just been promoted to management. Congratulations! As opposed to an individual contributor role, you now have the chance to achieve objectives through the efforts of your team, therefore amplifying your results. Sounds easy enough, right?

7 Alarming Signs That You Need to Quit Your Job immediately

It would be nice if we could all have our dream jobs, but that’s not the way things are, unfortunately. Sometimes getting to where you want to be requires starting at the bottom of the ladder or taking on a less-than-perfect role. As long as there are some pros to balance out the cons, it’s not all bad.