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Posts from Emily Harvey

Creating Memorable Company Values

Are your company values feeling outdated and boring? Has it been a while since you looked them over? If so, it might be time to give them a refresh. Learn how these organizations (and TINYpulse clients!) are creating stellar cultural values that stick with their employees. And check out our tips and tricks to create and update your own.

The Top Changes Employees Demand In The New Year [Infographic]

The results are in! Our New Year Employee Report asked full-time workers what changes they would make to their managers and organizations if they were given all the power.

Dec 7

What Are The Most Desired Qualities In A Leader? 5,000+ Employees Speak Out

You’ve no doubt heard about the three distinct generations in our workforce today: Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials. Much has been said about their differences, but there’s one area they all agree: the most desired qualities in a leader. Over 5,900 US workers across generations were asked what leadership characteristics they admired. Turns out leaders that are participative, team-oriented, charismatic, and humane-oriented get the thumbs up. Those not so important qualities? Bosses that are hierarchical and autonomous.

Nov 23

7 Things Employees Are Thankful For This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. As we prepare for travel, family, and an abundance food, let’s not forget all the things that make this day worth celebrating.

6 Employee Recognition Ideas Your Team Will Rave About

Still using “employee of the month” walls? What about end of the year bonuses? Think falling back on cash is the best way to motivate your employees? You’re wrong. These traditional approaches aren’t bad, but it’s time to up your game. Take a closer look at how to really get your team energized.