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Posts from Dora Wang

What CIOs Need to Know About Turnover [New Report]

Employees in the tech space are valued for their innovation and drive. At the same time, what makes them so valuable can also make them difficult for a company to hold onto.

6 Well-Meaning Interview Questions That Actually Repel Candidates

Sure, employers hold the power during interviews with new candidates. They're the ones in the driver's seat when it comes to hiring or passing on potential recruits day in and day out.

Are Employees Getting the Support They Need at Work?

Having a mentor at work is a game changer when it comes to professional development and learning the ins and outs of the organizational culture. But one industry's employees aren't feeling very support.

4 Effortless Steps for Transforming Employees Into Leaders

Why Businesses Can't Succeed Without Strong Organizational Values

Organizational values. You've probably heard that term, maybe from HR, maybe from company leaders. But why does something like having organizational values matter for your company? Well, you wouldn’t start a road trip without a map, right? The clearer a goal is, the better the chance that it will be achieved.

4 Examples of Companies That Nailed Organizational Change

The famed playwright and author George Bernard Shaw once said, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” Although Shaw perfectly expresses how important change is, his quote doesn’t acknowledge how hard it is to carry out.