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Posts from Dora Wang

How Working Remotely Impacts Peer-to-Peer Relationships

For all the apparent benefits of remote work for the employee experience, remote workers reported a lower level of satisfaction with their coworkers when compared to the benchmark of all employees, according to our research. This isn’t particularly surprising, given that these employees have limited interaction with their colleagues, with most, if not all, of that interaction happening virtually.

Why Pulsing Surveys Can Improve a Company's Ratings

We wanted to see how companies using pulsing feedback fared on Glassdoor. So we compiled data on all organizations with Glassdoor ratings and segmented them by organizations that do and do not use TINYpulse Engage.

A Glassdoor Survival Guide for CEOs [New Report]

78% of job seekers say that ratings and reviews from a company’s current employees are influential when making their decision of where to work, according to Glassdoor’s research.

Sep 24

How to Make Your Organization Look Attractive to Millennials

It’s not just employees that have changed with the times. Today’s recruitment process is a far cry from the old job-post cattle call. Set yourself up for success by knowing where millennial candidates will look and what they want to see. Dropping a posting on LinkedIn or Monster just won’t cut it. You need to prep everything about your recruiting experience to make yourself attractive to applicants.

Sep 22

The Start of the Movement: Recap of TINYcon 2016

“Appreciate this moment,” Mark Roberge said yesterday at the close of TINYcon 2016. “We’re in the midst of a movement.”

Employees in the Tech Industry Critique Their Companies

First, the good: when it comes to how well managers and companies as a whole are communicating with their employees, the tech industry is doing well.